November 21, 2012

Country Module Croatia-Slovenia at MSc "Renewable Energy in CEE"

From November 15-17, 2012 the students from the MSc „Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe” (class 2011-2013) participated at the country module “Croatia-Slovenia”.

Students sitting on a damaged wing of a wind turbine

The lectures took place in Zagreb at EIHP (Energetski Institut Hrvoje Požar) on Thursday and Saturday. The students got a market overview on the renewable energy situation in these two countries, the lectures were given by Biljana Kulisic (EIHP), Kresimir Trontl (TU Zagreb), Mario Ortner (IC-Consultants), and Franko Nemac (ApE, Agencija za prestrukturiranje energetike).

On Friday an excursion by bus started early in the morning, at 7:00 am. The first stop was at Biogas Facility Gradec (about 50 km north-east from Zagreb), which power is 1 MW. It is the first biogas facility in Croatia and was opened in August 2012. This biogas facility is unique because it represents the environmentally most suitable way of disposing of various organic raw materials: i.a. pig manure, slaughterhouse waste, brewery waste, sugar beet slices, old bread, and waste from shops (fruits etc.). Three products are obtained from these raw materials: organic fertilizer, thermal and electric power.

The way back via Zagreb led to Wind Power Plant Vrataruša, the biggest WPP in Croatia. The last kilometer up to Vrataruša the street was narrow, steep and stony – very hard to go by bus. On the top of the hill the students had a great panoramic view. The turbines (14 Vestas V-90 turbines, 80 m high, each one 3.0 MW, connected to 110 kV network) turned around with 20 m/s (optimum 15-25 m/s). The students looked at a single wing hidden by lightning, lying on the ground. Because it already has been damaged, it was OK to sit, run or hop on this wing (see photo). Downhill the students passed the sub-station of WPP Vrataruša.

On the way to Kukuljanovo Crkvenica invited to have a short coffee break in the sun with sea view. Some of the students even put off their shoes and checked the temperature of the sea. The last stop was at the largest solar-electric plant in Croatia, in the industrial zone of Kukuljanovo, near Rijeka. It was built at the rooftop of a saltern industry plant by Adria Sol. The investment exceeded 500,000 EUR, and the company expects the investment re-fund after six years. The students climbed up on the roof and viewed the panels at close range, before they went back to Zagreb.

To summarize: It was an interesting excursion day with a lot of fun and action.


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