November 27, 2012

Business Evening „Automotive Industry“

In addition to lectures an interesting business evening, “Trends and Challenges in the Automotive Industry”...

with Dr.-Ing.h.c. Andreas Tostmann (Executive Vice-president for Production SEAT, S.A.), took place at the Vienna University of Technology on November 15, 2012.

In his lecture Dr. Tostmann presented the current challenges facing the automotive industry and some of the solutions of Volkswagen to these challenges. The three challenges which have influences on the strategy of the automotive industry are the Globalization, the Urbanization, and the Sustainability. In the globalization the world car markets are gradually shifting from the mature markets, like USA & Western European countries to the emerging markets, like BRIC countries. Based on the forecast in 2018 the world market share of the cars in emerging markets will increase more than 6 %. From this reason Volkswagen Group is producing more than 8.5 million cars all over the world. In the urbanization the car segments are also changing. The sales of small and compact cars and electric-cars are rapidly increasing. In his lecture he introduced an electric-taxi in Milan. As the summary Dr. Tostmann presented “BlueMotionTechnologies” as an umbrella brand of Volkswagen. With the integration of new innovations to the basic technologies BlueMotionTechnologies contribute the CO2-reduction, fuel-consumption and others to meet the global challenges.
After an intensive discussion participants could talk about the expertise and their opinions personally with Dr. Tostmann and broaden the network with participants from automotive industry related areas.

The next Professional MBA Automotive Industry starts on October 10, 2013.
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