01. October 2013

Engineering Management - Insights

The 12th track of the VUT Engineering Management program was focusing on IT. Tom Meninga, Alexander Scheidl, and Prof. Kurt Matyas shared their view on current trend in e-commerce, IT infrastructure and project management.

The broad range of topics covering market dynamics and trends, strategies and success factors in e-commerce as well as current strategies for planning and deploying IT infrastructure. Interactive workshops and presentations were integrated in the lecture in order to get a deeper understanding of the complex topics. As the students in this class come from different professional backgrounds, the group work and presentations proved to be a highly efficient way for every one of us to find an approach to the topics that fits to their own specific work environment. Besides gaining a deep understanding of current, state-of-the-industry infrastructure the students were given a well-funded outlook on upcoming developments and trends with respect to potential opportunities, but also risks associated with them.

Another highlight of the lecture was the hands-on experience and real-life examples discussed in class, which was perceived as a very good way to bridge the gap between abstract theoretical material and actual application. Again, this reflects the strong hands-on orientation of the engineering management program. It is very useful for engineering managers to have insight on IT infrastructure technology, particularly in the context of procurement and architectural decisions. As business decisions in this area often require decisions on major investments it was highly valuable to learn about the possibilities and risks of various types of architecture as well as learning approaches for tackling real-world problems and issues in this context.

The second half of the track focused on project management and provided the students with hands-on methodology for managing project risk efficiently and effectively. Again, the lecture was driven mainly by real-life examples brought up to discussion and had a strong focus on equipping the students with the necessary tool set to succeed in out-of-classroom situations. A group-work assignment which was to be completed and presented by the end of the class put the students in the role of a project management and had them apply the techniques they learned on a project within their field of experience. In line with the high diversity of the student's professions, results ranged from e-government over software development to car manufacturing.


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