18. September 2013

Excursion AIT - Summer Track

The VUT students of the MSc Engineering Management course took the oportunity to get introduced in the working field and methods of the AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology.

Therefore, the studens visited their headquarter in the Tech Gate Vienna, located in the 22nd district of Vienna. We got an indtroduction of current projects and already acomplished reference projects of the AIT. Not only the theoretical part was covered in this excursion, we even had the chance to walk through the whole testing area of this Technology Campus e.g. the various car battery testing stations such as heating chambers, real life scenario and fire safety tests.
Not only the working fielt of the AIT impressed us a lot, but also the main building itself with it’s great energy efficient layout.

In the end the visit was a full sucess and we got an great overview of the AIT.


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