28. November 2013

Engineering Management - Insights

The penultimate track of the VUT Engineering Management program covered presentation technique. The class was set up as a very intense, 1,5 day workshop led by Brigitte Thornely. In order to ensure a maximum of applicability of the training, each participant was required to bring two short presentations from his professional area of expertise. These presentations were then used as real life examples for applying the techniques and methods learned throughout the program. The remarkable professional experience of Prof. Thornely in both - corporate environments as well as a training situations with groups like ours, allowed for an exceptionally productive learning environment spiced with a lot of inside tips from the board rooms of major global corporations.

Every participant developed a goal set reflecting his personal development areas with respect to presenting clearly and effectively. These goals were then addressed throughout the class. At the end of the track, individual success was measured by comparing the degree of achievement for the goals defined by each participant.

All presentation exercises were documented on video in order to allow for in-depth reflection on the strengths and benefits of the various presentation styles. It was a very pleasant experience that in contrast to classical video feedback, where recordings are often played back in the group, each participant got his own recordings on a personal memory card for his own use only. On the one hand, this allows every single student to reflect on the exercises at a later point in time, on the other, it takes the pain out of the video analysis and created a very relaxed and productive atmosphere in the classroom.

Overall the presentation training was experienced very positively by all EM program participants and everybody agreed on having made substantial progress in his personal presentation skills by the end of the track. Prof. Thornely is a highly skilled and experienced expert in the field and her class can be recommended to anybody who has to deal with presentation situations in his professional life without any reservations. The feedback among students confirms the impression that this track definitely one of the highlights of the VUT Engineering Management program.


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