28. January 2014

Career Spotlight Isfried Janetschek

Today in conversation with DI Isfried Janetschek, MSc, Owner of VBCP - Vienna Business Consulting Partners and alumnus of the MSc program Engineering Management.

Describe your current position and what led you to your job
After University (TU / INSA de Lyon) I started my career in Germany with SIEMENS where I supported a benchmark project. Somehow I felt that I wanted to extend my portfolio of management skills and I decided to go back to University. Financial Management, Marketing and International Law, where some of the offered modules from the “Engineering Management” program (one of the pioneer studies at that time in Austria) that made me opt for it.

General Motors was the company that I have joined after finishing the EM program. Starting as Lean advisor, I got promoted to Production Manager followed by my second Job abroad in Italy with FIAT as Engineering Manager. Since the GM Plant in Vienna got a new project I was called back. Facility-, Supply Chain-, Ramp Up-, Engineering-, Quality-Manager and finally CTO where the next steps.

Italy was such a nice experience that I accepted a new assignment in Bologna as Plant Director for VMMotori in 2008. After that I signed a General Manager’s contract at MAGNA powertrain.

This year I was ready to found my own company.
VBCP (Vienna Business Consulting Partners) is a premium Management- and Business Consulting agency. We provide Management guidance and coaching, Leadership development, Supply chain optimization, World class Manufacturing, Operational Excellence, Technology Consulting, Interim Management, Turn around, M&A and much more…..

Can you describe the program in three sentences?

The program offered an excellent combination of management topics (held in English!) which was a perfect endorsement of my former studies.
It was a tough time working and studying at the same time but it paid off.
We had fun.

Do you have any advice for our future students?
Always try to be open to different tasks from what you are used to do. Learning never ends. Keep your people happy and challenge them in a tough but fair manner and with respect.
Can you apply your knowledge on an international level?
Absolutely, GM e.g. is one of the biggest players in the global auto industry. That kind of knowledge is a prerequisite for Top Management positions in such companies. Currently I am trying to win some business in Russia, international Law e.g. helps a lot!

What has been the most rewarding moment in your career?

Last year at MAGNA we have installed a new flexible assembly line for various customers. Timeline and other targets were more than challenging. Our supplier was late, but we could manage to meet the milestones (e.g. PPAP) for MASERATI. They understood the difficulties we were facing very well, and we got rewarded with a lot of compliments. Customer was enthused, my team was happy and so was I.

What is your motto?
Walk the talk…

(Interview of January 28, 2014)


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