09. December 2013

Faculty spotlight: Mag. Brigitte Thornely

Today in conversation with Mag. Brigitte Thornely, HPS Hierhold Presentation Services GmbH and faculty member of the MSc Program Engineering Management.

To what extent do you think distinguishes the postgraduate studies at TU Vienna from other providers / programs?
Decision makers about projects/promotions do not neccessarily have a technical background.  Integrating business aspects and soft skills increase post graduates´chances of convincing diverse audiences.

What are the key aspects of your lecture?
Presentations today are more diffenentiated than 10 years ago. Formal or informal, inform or convince  – be aware of what these choices mean for your presentation format.

Which learning content do you provide students?
Tools and tips for the three essential parts of a presentaton:

  • Story: Clear structure with strong start and close.
  • Slides: Selecting the right visual solution for your message and how to make them memorable.
  • Stage: Deliver presentations with confidence, making the most of your personality

Do you also somehow benefit from teaching postgraduate students?
I learn with every new training session – from the content, the cross cultural encounters, the challenges these students encounter in their work environment.

Is the content of the course internationally usable? /
Is the content of the course applicable internationally?

Due to my own international experience,  HPS checking worlwide trends in presentations on a regular basis, I am positive that the content of this part of the course is appicable internationally.

An economic education at a technical university - what do you think?
Definitely a unique selling point.

(Interview of December 09, 2013)


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