20. January 2014

Report on the excursion and evening lecture

On January 14th, 2014 the Engineering Management Class got the opportunity to visit the Vienna Capital Bank to participate in an evening lecture on private equity and venture capital funding.
DI Sibylle Dolecek-Anselment, Director for Private Banking, explained how companies in different life cycle stages have different funding requirements.

Venture Capital, to say risk capital typically coined in early phaes in form of money invested in an innovative enterprise in which both the potential for profit as well as risk of loss are considerable, is a crucial part of entrepreneurial success.

The private equity and venture capital market characteristics have been presented with a specific focus on Europe.
Capital Bank is a catalyst for getting venture capital demand and supply linked to each other especially in Austria.

Beside the insights in private banking, the venue of the lecture, Palais Esterhazy, has been very impressive and was accomponied by the warm hospitality that was given to the class.


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