15. May 2014

Faculty Spotlight: Dipl.-Ing. Hanno Miorini, MBA, Vice President Sales Automotive Technology, Robert Bosch AG

Today in conversation with Dipl.-Ing. Hanno Miorini, MBA, Vice President  Sales Automotive Technology, Robert Bosch AG and faculty member of the Professional MBA Program Automotive Industry.

What do you think is special about the master program?
Key is the strong automotive focus and the expertise sharing of faculty and participants from the automotive industry.

What is so special about a postgraduate program?
It is a high energy effort challenging you in new fields of in-depth learning by enabling you for the next step in your career.

What can you tell future students about the program?

Chose it, if you have the ambition to grow in the automotive field and be prepared to spend a big part of your energy on it.  

What are the key aspects of your lecture?
How to  manage business law and business rule in real customer/supplier relationship.

How would you describe the [program] students / a typical [program] student?

AMBA students in my opinion have profound professional experience and want to know more in breadth and depth. They work well together and listen to the teacher and their fellow students.
Do you also somehow benefit from teaching postgraduate students?

I greatly benefit from getting involved into the discussions in the classroom about contract management. There are always new aspects coming from the students I have not thought about before.

How is the contact with the students? And what are the differences to students of regular study programs?
Good contact. Attentive listeners. No one-way lecturing. Good questions.
(I guess that is the difference.)

What do you think are the prospects of graduates on the (international) labor market?
When the program is done at the right time in ones career path it will help a lot in helping to get to the next step.

Women and Technology – which advices could you give interested females?
Go for it. We need your brains in the industry!

Is the content of the course internationally usable?

Absolutely. It is based on global experiences of an international supplier..

Do you think this postgraduate program is / will be internationally recognized?
International acceptance is of the utmost importance. This program will be a highlight in your CV

An economic education at a technical university - what do you think?

The driver in industry is innovation, which in turn is a combination of technological advantage in combination with a business case. So why not?

(Interview dtd. May 10, 2014)


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