01. August 2014

Career Spotlight: DI Lucian-Viorel Stoenescu

DI Lucian-Viorel Stoenescu, MBA
Alumnus of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Class 2011-2013

Why did you decide to participate in the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation?
Coming with 17 years of more mostly focused technical experience, I joined the PMBA E&I in an effort to develop my business skills with the emphasis on two-fold opportunities: career growth in a multinational company or to initiate a private entrepreneurial establishment.

What comes to your mind when you think about the program now? What were the highlights?
Looking back I see the whole MBA program as a powerful life experience on multiple dimensions needed for an effective management:
- Enhance the domain know-how / professional skill throughout the Business Core or Specialization Modules (such as: Macro Economics, Global Markets, Financial Management, Accounting and Controlling,  Marketing / Marketing of Innovation, Operations Management, Sources / Organization of Innovation, Strategy / Strategy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship);
 - Underline the necessity of soft skill development:  (Managing People & Organizations, Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics);
- And of course simulates the real environment through teamwork in an international and various demographical and professional background spectrums.
Needless to say that event organization, periodical meetings with entrepreneurs sharing their tumultuous path till idea implementation and all the access to the internal and external networks and programs (e.g. Garage - Start-Up related) are adding value to the entire MBA structure.
All this happening and having as background the already growing recognition of the WU and TU “brand”.

How did you benefit from the program personally and professionally?
On the personal plan, the MBA program influenced my way of thinking with respect to strategy and external factors that may influence a business. As well, boosted the desire to pursue my old call of bringing my ideas into an entrepreneurial adventure endeavour, benefiting from programs or feedback networks that provide mentors which guide you by filtering out the possible mistakes of your initial conception or indicating some ways of solving the encountered critical or blocking points.

Do you have any advice for our future students?
My advice is to keep a good work / family balance; always keep and maintain a priorities list; eventually (whenever possible) through the day to mark the essential points to follow for the pre / post modules assignments; to embrace teamwork building – essential networking outside the program for team crystallization and better communication; to continually analyse what they want to achieve and to pursue it after the MBA program finalization; to choose in advance an interesting topic for the Master Thesis and to gather the important info even during the modules; learn to understand and not only to pass some exams, since the ultimate goal is to use the gathered knowledge to enhance the individual professional profile for an efficient career development or for an entrepreneurial approach.

What career plans do you have for the next 3-5 years?
When you think about a near or upcoming development plan it is very important to analyze the current situation (especially with respect to family, health, financial aspects) that may differ from person to person, if you really have some feasible ideas worth to follow, as well your determination to make it to the end. Personally I will opt for a gradual approach in finding a job in a local company that permits a good work-life balance and therefore a possible symbiosis with an entrepreneurial approach.

What is your motto?
As for personal motto I would mention: “The value of an idea lies in the using of it” – Thomas A. Edison, which has for me a double signification:
•    Direct one – meaning that the end users validate the importance of your idea; and an
•    Indirect one – is not enough just to have the idea, but to followtowards an effective and efficient execution that is hard to be replicated.

Which book is currently on your bedside table?
Apart of some technical books (such as “Experimental Quantum Cryptography” or Digital Satellite Navigation and Geophysics) from time to time I try to relax myself reading normal literature (Just Kids – Patti Smith or Yehuda Berg - Living the Kabbalah System)


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