05. August 2014

Some Impressions and career paths ...

Alumni of the 5th MSc Economics

This years very successful students graduated from the joint IHS and Vienna University of Technology MSc in Economics Program. We asked them about their impressions.

Ashim DUBEY (Pennsylvania State University)

“The Master’s program at IHS is intense and requires students’ undivided dedication and hard work. The fruit one reaps from all of it is being catapulted to the frontier of research and receiving sound theo-retical and analytical preparation to conduct your own research which is essential to continue into academia. I found this program really good as the academic temperament around here is conducive for learning and for conducting independent research. Being part of a small cohort and having a high faculty to student ratio was also a unique and important experience. I gained academic insights and non-academic teachings from all of them which made my education complete.”

Philipp HERGOVICH (Vienna Graduate School of Economics)

“The Master’s program at IHS is among the top programs in Europe for Economics. Although the last two years were sometimes difficult and challenging, I do not regret my decision to join the program. It gave me the chance to meet and work with internationally renowned faculty and guest professors, and become friends with amazing people from all over the world. The training I obtained here will serve me well while pursuing my PhD at VGSE and hopefully also beyond that time.”

Franz OSTRIZEK (Princeton University)

“Going to Princeton for the PhD is a dream come true. This would have been impossible without the preparation and support from IHS faculty. The IHS is an ideal stepping stone towards leading PhD programs. With its rigorous curriculum, impressive student-to-faculty ratio and leading scholars as visiting professors, IHS is a great place to be a student.“

For more information about the program please visit http://economics.tuwien.ac.at


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