09. September 2014

Career Spotlight: DI (FH) Mag. Richard Foltyn, MSc

After finishing his first year at Stockholm University, Richard Foltyn regards the IHS master program as a solid foundation for PhD studies. "Before I started at IHS, I was told that the curriculum was more formal than various PhD programs. Back then it was hard to believe, but it turns out that it's not only true, but also immensely helpful in surviving the first year as a PhD," he says.

Comparing with his current colleagues at Stockholm University, he thinks that the program at IHS can certainly compete with other master programs at European universities. "In particular when it comes to numerical solutions in macroeconomics and numerical methods in general, the faculty at IHS did an outstanding job to teach methods that I was immediately able to use in my continuing studies," he adds.

Furthermore, he says that due to the very small cohort size at IHS it is easy to communicate with faculty members on a regular basis, something that cannot be taken for granted at large universities. "While the program certainly was exhausting at times, I continue to recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue a PhD program in economics," Richard concludes.


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