03. November 2014

Career Spotlight: Stefan Schneeberger, MSc

PhD Yale University, Alumnus MSc Economics 2009 - 2011

In June 2012 IHS alumni Stefan Schneeberger, who is currently pursuing his PhD in Economics at Yale University, came to visit and took the Elective Course “Topics in Econometrics” by Maximilian Kasy from Harvard University. We took the opportunity to talk to Stefan about his studies in Yale, a review of his studies at IHS and an outlook of his future career.

Stefan considers the IHS MSc program as the perfect preparation for PhD studies and as his gateway for his PhD program. Looking back one year after finishing the MSc he says that he really enjoyed studying at IHS, the faculty was easy to approach, but the biggest asset was the individual mentoring. Stefan would definitely apply again for the MSc of Economics Program at IHS. “Only when I started studying in the US, I began to appreciate the high work load at IHS” he says, smiling. “The demand and pressure in Yale is extremely high, but IHS prepared me well for that. I definitely had an advantage in comparison to students from other universities in terms of experience and knowledge.”

Stefan will stay in the US for the next couple of years, but when returning to Europe he would not decline an offer from IHS for an Economist position…


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