09. December 2014

Engineering Management - Insights

Students get "productive"

As new MSc Engineering Management students of the class 2014/2016 we visited the laboratories of the "Institute of Intelligent Handling Devices and Robotics - IHRT" of the Vienna University of Technology in the framework of the lecture "Production  Automation". According to the headline of the lecturer Em.O.Univ.Prof. Dr.h.c.mult. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Peter Kopacek (Academic Director) "Talking is nice but feeling is better" we get an impression of modern production technologies.

First a PhD cadidate, showed us how to design a part on 3D CAD system including the generation of the program for a manufacturing centre. On the machine the raw material was adjusted according to the created program. We started the machine and the our first work  - "Nobody is perfect".

The second part of the visit dealt with the programming of an industrial robot. Guided by Julia, a tutor. We were shortly able to program by "teach in" the game "4 is winning". It was a quiete new experience for all of us and Ms. Almugrabi, a student of the MSc Program "Engineering Management" got the produced plate as a gift.


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