22. December 2014

Accuracy - a necessity for Engineering Managers

For illustration of the lecture TQM in the currently running "Engineering Management" Program

the lecturer Prof. N. Durakbasa took us to his measurements-laboratory of the Vienna University of Technology.

For the accuracy of measurements in micro- and nanoscale (wow 1nm = 0,000000001m) the temperature must be constant 20+/-0,1 centigrade. Therefore we were allowed to enter the laboratory we all had to put on protective clothes for saving the laboratory climate.

The main reason of this visit was to understand the importance of TQM and to get in touch with nanotechnology measurement instruments. First of all a modern Stylus Instrument was introduced to us which is used to measure the surface of a component. This instrument is able to measure irregularities in microscopic sizes.

The most impressive measurement instruments where the Atom-microscopes which are able to measure surfaces in the size of single atoms.

After an impressive experience we finally left the laboratory with great nes experience.


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