January 07, 2015

Facility Management. An expert interview gives insight into this fascinating occupational field

The topic “Facility Management” causes quite some debates. For some the title refers to a simple “janitor” whereas for others it is a management discipline that offers a very large potential for cost savings, among other things. Hence, the question is: What is Facility Management? What does the line of work look like and is there a high demand for facility managers on the job market? Our expert interview with TU Professor Dr. Alexander Redlein gives insight into the fascinating field of facility management. In the interview he also gives a foresight for the future and talks about current trends such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability and the connection of this topics to facility management.

Click here for the expert interview (in German).

Prof. Alexander Redlein is professor at the Vienna University of Technology and academic director of the Professional MBA Facility Management, a postgraduate MBA program that combines a sound business education with a specialization of real estate management and facility management. The next program will start on March 19, 2015. Further information on this program can be found on our website.


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