22. January 2015

Faculty Spotlight: Amela Ajanovic

Today in conversation with: Dr. Amela Ajanovic, senior research scientist at Energy Economics Group at Vienna University of Technology. Faculty member of the MSc program „Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe“

What is so special about a postgraduate program?

We are living in time of very rapid changes and developments in all fields, especially technical ones. The energy sector with its dynamic development is a typical example. As Newton Baker said, one who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after. For working people a post graduated program is ideal way to continue learning and make progress in carrier.

How is the contact with the students? And what are the differences to students of regular study programs?

In the scope of the NewEnergy postgraduate program we are working with relatively small group of students (approximately 20 versus more than 60 in the regular study programs). This allows us much more time for discussions and interactive work with students. 

You have finished a PhD with technical background. Women and Technology – which advices could you give interested females?

I cannot see difference between women and men in relation to technology. Today we have women working for police, army, etc. Comparing to this all technical fields are very feminine. It is just a question of our interest and preferences.

Which learning content do you provide students?

From the very beginning of the NewEnergy course I have been teaching students on energy economy in transport sector. Special focus is put on alternative fuels and alternative automotive technologies. Transport is the most problematic sector with respect to fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Since this sector has lowest share of renewables (about 2% in EU-28 in 2012) it is a huge challenge to increase sustainability of transport system with a combination of policy measures, environmentally friendly fuels, energy efficient powertrains as well as our behavioral changes.

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