12. November 2014

Career Spotlight: Magdalena Sanguinetti

Today in conversation with: Magdalena Sanguinetti, MSc (Project Assistant, IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency), Alumnus Class 2009-2011

How did you become aware of the Vienna University of Technology and this MSc program „Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe“?
Back in 2008 I was very interested in the subject of Renewable Energies and had spent hours searching for an adequate MSc Program by surfing in Internet. It proved not to be easy since many Programs had the limitation of exclusively catering for students with a technical background.

You studied „Public Accounting” in Uruguay. Why did you decide to study a second master program?
The Public Accounting degree has mostly to do with social sciences (economy, accounting, finance, etc). But I always had an interest for natural sciences as well. Beyond the fact that I was interested in Renewable Energies in particular, I was thrilled at the idea of complementing my education with a Program focusing on natural sciences.

You are a member of SERVAS, an international, non-governmental, multicultural peace association run by volunteers in over 100 countries. So you must be a very good networker. Could you make international contacts during the course, which have been helpful for your career?
Absolutely! The diversity among the professors and managers of the Program, the alumni of previous generations and my own class colleagues, made the whole learning process more enriching and holistic and the discussions more thought-provoking.

In your class at the MSc program female students had a share of 25 %. What advices would you want to give to young female colleagues for their career?
Female students shouldn’t be discouraged by the gender imbalance as long as they have legitimate interest in the content of the Program. The doors that will open during the course and along their careers will make no gender distinction.

Renewable Energy is a vital topic nowadays. How do you practice environment protection at home?
In several different ways the Program has reinforced the fact that all resources in the planet are limited. Therefore, my contribution to environment protection is to apply the 3R principle: REDUCING the amount of waste generated in everyday life; REUSING –giving at least a second life– to as many things as possible before discarding them; and RECYCLING - the existing infrastructure in Vienna allows recycling of more than 15 different waste categories and is a model that should be replicated in other countries.
Some concrete examples: I use public transport as much as possible, I am a customer of a green electricity provider, I consciously try to minimize the use of plastics (including plastic bags!), I strive to purchase local produce when possible rather than imported, I try to use water responsibly and also avoid leaving the heating, the boiler running and the electronics in stand-by mode when not necessary.

With which celebrity (alive or historic) would you like to spend your lunch break?
Charles Darwin or Sigmund Freud or Angela Merkel! 

(Interview dtd. Nov. 12, 2014)


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