April 02, 2015

Field-trip to the power plant Dürnrohr

On Friday, March 13, 2015 the class of ETIA 7 made a field-trip to the hard coal/gas-fired power plant Dürnrohr in Lower Austria, jointly administered by VERBUND and EVN. Upon our arrival, Mr. Zagler from VERBUND explained the function of the plant and the role of VERBUND as one of Austria’s largest thermal-power producers and district-heating suppliers. Following Mr. Zagler’s presentation we had a guided tour of the plant’s facilities, beginning in the very loud and hot “turbine and generator room” and then making a quick box-stop at the control room before moving on to the rear of the plant with its desulphurization and denitrification technologies. We were informed that VERBUND uses spray absorption to remove sulphur from flue gas, thereby producing a mixture of gypsum and fly ash. These end-products are sold as Realit and used as building materials and backfilling of disused mines. After a hearty lunch, the “brave ones” from our class took a tour of the plant’s roof at a height of more than 100m and peeked into the denox compound.
Kirsten Glenn (ETIA07)




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