September 28, 2015

Start of the 8th class of MSc Economics (2015-2017)

Welcome Reception for students and Get-together

On September 14, 2015 the new participants of the unique postgraduate Master Program "Economics" had been invited by TU Vienna and the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS).

Study Dean Prof. Bob Martens led through the afternoon and welcomed the students and representatives. Prof. Manfred Deistler (Academic Director, TU Vienna) highlighted the workload and commitment necessary to suceed in this course. Finally Dr. Leopold Sögner (Director of Graduate Studies) introduced the 13 students of class 2015-2017, who have various international backgrounds, coming from Armenia, Austria, Australia, Egypt, Hungary, Iran and the United Kingdom.

The following get-together at the buffet deepened the contact between the students and the representatives of TU Vienna and IHS.

All the best to the students of class 2015-2017!


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