21. January 2016

MSc Program Engineering Management - Evening Lecture "Private Equity and Venture Capital Funding"

On January 11th, 2016 the Engineering Management Class 2014/16 got the opportunity to visit the “Capital Bank” in downtown Vienna to participate in an evening lecture on “Private Equity and Venture Capital Funding”. First we had the chance to look at the venerable Esterhazy Palace. Mrs. Barbara, an Artist and Singer, gave us an impressive guided tour.

The Palace has been through an actual history. The Palace was built between 1685 and 1695 by the first Prince Paul Esterhazy. He established the immense asset of the Esterhazys.  
 In the first part of the lecture DipI.Ing. Sibylle Dolecek-Anselment CFP TEP, Director for Private Banking, explained how companies in different life cycle stages have different financing needs. Because Capital Bank is with 16 Billion EUR Assets under Management one of the leading private banks in Austria and have therefore excellent possibilities for the clients. The critical factors of a well-balanced portfolio are the asset allocation. The principal is the emphasis on the various asset classes. The importance of the property types depends on the risk profile of the investor.

In the second part Mr. Stefan Thaller, Analyst Family Officer/Wealth Management, expressed how they help start –up companies for finding the right investors. In very exceptional cases Capital Bank has invested in the start-up when the idea of the project or the innovation idea seems to be profitable. Furthermore, he explained the reasons for an investor to invest in private equity and presented some examples. Most of the Entrepreneurs are from Austria, Germany and some from Russia. The most attractive branches are currently IT, Healthcare and Telecom.

Private equity has been a fast growing asset class with Assets under Management (AUM) over USD 3.5 trillion, especially since the year 2006 up to today we have continuous growth. One of the reasons is low-interest rates in traditional investments.

Besides the insights in private banking, the venue of the lecture, Palais Esterhazy, has been very impressive and was accompanied by the warm hospitality that was given to the class.


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