February 02, 2016

Conferment of Best Thesis Awards to E&I graduates

Josef Aschl, Katharina Mewald & Prof. Nikolaus Franke (from left to right)

2 graduates come in first place: Katharina Mewald & Josef Aschl

Each year, the most outstanding master’s theses of a graduating Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation class are nominated for the Best Thesis Award. For the class 2013 - 2015 the following pieces of academic work were selected:

•    "The impact of public funding of life sciences research on the demography of the Austrian biotech industry during the last decade", Dr. Nuno Miguel Gomes Andrade, MBA

•    "Success Factors of Distribution Channel Management in a Passenger Rail Transport Market in Austria", Mag.(FH) Annelies Smoliner, MBA

•    "Cloud Computing in Austria's Public Sector: Barriers to Technology Acceptance and How to Overcome Them",  Mag. Katharina Mewald, MBA

•    “Business Case for a Novel Waste Treatment Process", Mag. Josef Aschl, MBA

This year, the call was even tougher than in the previous years and the jury consisting of the Academic Directors of the program – Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and Prof. Dr. Sabine T. Köszegi – finally decided to rank two master’s theses on the first place ex aequo.

Katharina Mewald’s master’s thesis deals with Cloud Computing in the public sector in Austria and how to overcome barriers to the acceptance of this technology. Josef Aschl wrote a business plan about a novel waste treatment process. The finalists’ theses are also covering highly interesting topics.

Congratulations to the winners of the Best Thesis Award Class 2013-2015!


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