February 29, 2016

Insights into the life of an entrepreneur

Distinguished Guest Speaker Event within the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation

During the last specialization module of the E&I Class 2014-2016 Clemens Kirner, CEO of innovation.rocks gave highly interesting insights into his life as an entrepreneur.

Clemens Kirner started studying at TU Wien and the University of Vienna but quickly decided to found his own company at only 21 years old. In 2003, he founded card eMotion, an innovative reward card company. Ever since then, his company kept evolving: first with a subsidiary in Munich and a focus on direct marketing, then with a subsidiary in Hongkong and a wider focus and finally in 2016: new location in Vienna and new company name: innovation.rocks. A research project actually led the TU Wien and Clemens Kirner to the foundation of a daughter company called INS Insider Navigation GmbH who also patented important components of their new technology in the field of augmented reality. This personal indoor navigation system works without WLAN, GPS or additional hardware components and has already been tested in different locations (e.g. airports). In summer 2016, the company aims at going online serving the first customers.

Looking back on 13 years as an entrepreneur, Clemens Kirner finds “the only constant is change”… it was a highly interesting event with great discussions.


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