March 10, 2016

MSc ETIA-Excursion to MA 48/ Rinterzelt

Members of the ETIA 8-programme gathered on the 25th of February 2016 in front of the gates of the MA 48/ Rinterzelt Waste Separation and Treatment Plant. Anticipating exposure to interesting odors and looking forward to gaining insight into the technologies and processes used in separating and treating waste produced by the inhabitants of Vienna, made for a good group spirit.
Rinterzelt is Vienna’s biggest waste separation and treatment plant, located in the 22nd district, putting through approximately 250.000 tons of waste produced locally. The plant is built in the shape of a tent, with a diameter of 170m and height of 68m, making finding the location a very easy task.

After entering the plant, which in itself is a sight due to its distinctive architecture, we were ushered into a large meeting room to be given a lecture introducing the plant’s main operations and functions. Directly after the introducing talk, we were equipped with the proper safety gear and started a tour of the facility. We were able to observe the steps through which wastes, especially plastics, are fed, in order to be sorted and further processed. After passing through a number of automated separation stations, the materials undergo a visual inspection to ensure the highest possible quality of material output for further processing and/or recycling.

Towards the end of the tour, we passed through the facility housing incineration residues from metal wastes, which, after the removal of recoverable materials, such as aluminum, copper, brass etc., will find application in the manufacturing of cement for the covering of landfills.

All in all, it was a very informative and interesting outing, helping visualize the sheer amount of waste which is produced each day and how much effort goes into safely managing our waste.

Anna Peer
(ETIA 8)


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