April 08, 2016

Are intercultural competences and entrepreneurial spirit connected?

Is there a relationship between intercultural competences and the ability of seizing entrepreneurial opportunities?

In a current research project Prof. Nikolaus Franke, Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at WU Wien and Dr. Peter Vandor of the Social Entrepreneurship Center at WU deal with the cognitive consequences of changing from one intercultural context to another. The aim of their research is to investigate whether intercultural experiences have an impact on one’s cognitive skills, since our individual pool of experiences is also enriched by living and dealing with varying contexts. And when it comes to finding entrepreneurial opportunities and the individual readiness to take risks, individuals draw on their pool of knowledge and experience.

To test the hypothesis, the researchers developed a test procedure and measured the entrepreneurial skills of students before and after spending a semester abroad. This variation was then compared to a sample of students who did not go abroad. The difference was obvious: the first group increased their entrepreneurial abilities by 17%.

To find out more about the conclusions the researchers draw and how the results of this research can be implemented into practice, please read the following article.

Prof. Nikolaus Franke is Head of the WU Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation and one of the Academic Directors of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, a cooperation program between WU Wien and TU Wien.


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