April 26, 2016

Appropriate Technology – A Success Story

left © Gisela Erlacher, mid and right © GrAT

On April 28, 2016 the symposium will give a retrospect on 30 years GrAT - Center for Appropriate Technology and chance an outlook tot he future.

GrAT is a scientific association for research and development of Appropriate Technology. Since 1986, GrAT has been proactively responding to a wide range of relevant issues in sustainable development.
At this symposium the latest results of research will be presented and experts from different fields of activity will report on how they implemented the findings of AT into their daily business life.

Date & Venue:
Thursday, April 28, 2016, 8:30 am -  5:00 pm
TU Wien, TUtheSky
Chemiehochhaus-Bauteil BA
Getreidemarkt 9, 11. Stock, 1060 Vienna

19:00 Uhr: S-HOUSE, Böheimkirchen
3071 Böheimkirchen
Details for excursion: www.s-house.at/BSplan.htm

You´ll find the detailed program here >>

Conference fee: EUR 65, students EUR 15
Please register for a last-minute-ticket at at-symposium(at)grat.at.

Amongst the speakers you´ll find Reinhard Haas, Karin Stieldorf and Werner Weiss. They all give lectures in the postgraduate MSc Program Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe. Moreover Reinhard Haas is the Academic Director of this MSc program.

For detailed information on this MSc program please click to http://newenergy.tuwien.ac.at/ or visit our next Info Sessions on May 10, 2016 or June 13, 2016 at TU Wien. Please register at newenergy(at)tuwien.ac.at.

The program team will be at your disposal  for individual consulting.
Next program start: October 20, 2016


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