June 22, 2016

Application still possible until July 03, 2016: KURIER Scholarship

Certified Program "Real Estate Management"

Being graduated from TU Wien´s certified program "Real Estate Management" (with proof of proficiency) is a widely accepted indicator of quality within the real estate profession. Having successfully finished the course, you will be capable of resolving questions and problems concerned with real estate issues.

Contents of the Certified Program
•    Fundamentals of Law
•    Real Estate and Housing Law
•    Fundamentals of Economics and Business Economics
•    Construction Technology and Mechanical Services
•    Valuation, Financing and Project Management
•    Real Estate Trusteeship
•    Applied Real Estate Management – Project “Refurbishment of an Old Building”

Admission Requirements
General university qualification is a prerequisite for admission to Austrian universities; applicants with a commensurate relevant qualification may be considered for admission.

Proof of Proficiency
After successful completion of the course and graduation, you will receive the Commercial Proof of Proficiency to work as a Real Estate Trustee (one year practice required).

Application Deadline for the KURIER Scholarship: July 03, 2016
Please request for application papers (available in German) at immo@tuwien.ac.at.

Next Program Start: November 04, 2016
Further information you´ll find here >> (available only in German)


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