August 02, 2016

Two partial scholarship for „Emerging Markets“ candidats have been granted for the General Management MBA

[Translate to English:] V.l.n.r.: Irina Bauchinger (Program Manager DUK), Igor Novak, Alexandra Potkonjak, Wolfgang Aussenegg (Lehrgangsleiter TU Wien)

The TU Wien and the Danube University Krems want to supports individuals from the so called “Emerging Markets” in their advancement in careers and is offering a special grant to allow individuals from Eastern and South-Eastern European countries to get further academic education, intercultural competence and perfect a foreign language.

Also this year, two scholarships in the amount of one third of the program fee were awarded to alumni from Eastern or South-eastern European countries.

TU Wien and DUK were pleased to award the scholarships for the 17th class of the General Management MBA to Ms. Alexandra Potkonjak and Mr. Igor Novak. Both candidates are from Croatia and are looking forward to enlarging their business knowhow and management competence with this MBA program. Ms. Potkonjak has a background in architecture while Mr. Novak studied mechanical engineering at the University of Zagreb. We wish both of them a successful MBA program.

Applications for the General Management MBA are still accepted. Details on the program can be found on our website.


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