December 20, 2016

ImmoABS FM Future-Talk "LED"

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ImmoABS FM Future-Talk „LED“ was held on 13 October 2016 at Philips Lighting Austria GmbH in Vienna. The Managing Director Mr.  Nermin Islamovic, MSc  and Mr. Ing. Koch Rudolf discussed with participants about following topics:

  • Development and future LED Technology, - Connected Lighting,
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Connected Office Lighting
  • CityTouch - Web-based system for intelligent street lights/regional development planning
  • Trends in office (employees and building requirements)

Onwards a guided tour through the newly designed offices took place. The offices are designed as an open System. The employees do not have a fix work place. Work places will be assigned according to the actual need and the availability. The numerous meeting rooms can be booked by a modern Reservation System.

The new office was introduced with a 100% LED and WPI (Work Place Innovation) concept. In future the simple CAT cabling (Classic Network cabling) will be enough for the electrical Installation. LED Lights will be controlled exclusively by a network. It offers new possibilities for the cabling and maintenance of the facility.

Participants got a clear insight into the future of lighting. New lighting technologies make the lamp controllable by a computer. Each lamp can have different lights. Philips offers here a series of living room and office lamps with newest energy saving techniques – from energy saving fluorescent bulbs to high powered LED lamps.

It is not necessary to be a psychologist knowing that the light awakes the feeling and has influence to the wellbeing of the body. Sunshine stimulates and the dazzling and artificial light is uncomfortable. The diffuse light can be stressful and makes peopel  getting tired. Light makes us in the morning lively, in the night it is for us a pleasant orientation guide. The representative of Philips expressed,  “Light will never leave people cold.”




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