September 30, 2016

MSc Program Engineering Management - Excursion to Austrian Institute of Technology – AIT

After a cooperate presentation of AIT, Mag. Antony Zagers gave an overview of three laboratories of the “Energy Department” the goal of our visit. 

In the “Smart Electricity Systems and Technologies SmartEST” laboratory we got some demonstrations of a simulation system for “Smart Grids” – the electric power distribution of the future. This Laboratory can simulate an entire smart grid and the devices under taste can communicate with the power grid through an advanced ICT infrastructure. Furthermore the laboratory can simulate in the smart grid, renewable energy sources under weather conditions in order to observe how all the components react with different scenarios. The electric devices under test were from the most innovative companies today worldwide.
After this we went to the “Sustainable Thermal Energy Systems Laboratories”. This part consists of 3 laboratories, which are: Heat pumps, solar thermal, Heat pumps and thermos-physics laboratory.
Finally, we visited the photovoltaic laboratories, which consist of: Solar and environmental simulation, Electrical characterization and analytical imaging and Material analysis and production process laboratory.
All these laboratories offer services to manufacturers, investors and electric public utilities for quality purposes, measurement and calibration of photovoltaic systems and scientific consulting.

This excursion was a very interesting supplement of the lecture “New Technologies” for us and a very interesting “Look in the Future”.  


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