December 19, 2016

Hungary, the Blessed Country of Geothermal Energy

Students of Class 2016-2018

Excursion - MSc “Renewable Energy Systems”
(by Ralf Roggenbauer)

On Saturday, November 26th, after a short 50 minutes train ride starting from Vienna’s new central station (which also uses geothermal energy), the students of Class 2016-2018 arrived in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary, for a half day excursion on the practical use of geothermal energy. All of Hungary is blessed with this natural resource due to the country’s unique geological setting inside the Carpathian basin. Lots of fault lines criss cross the country and artesian geothermal wells are to be found in every region of the nation. Mostly, as in Mosonmagyaróvár, Györ, Bük, Heviz, Miskolc or the capitol Budapest itself geothermal water resources are used for thermal spas and also heating purposes.

During the excursion we visited the outflow of the geothermal well in Mosonmagyaróvár, as well as a 62,000m² large tomato greenhouse in Lébény that is entirely heated geothermally. Finally, on the way back to the train station we visited a small spa in Lipót. The hot water there is used for heating the buildings, swimming, and for keeping driveways and local soccer fields ice- and snow-free in the wintertime. The geothermal potential yet to be developed is still enormous in Hungary and is waiting for the right entrepreneurs to come.”


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