February 20, 2017

MSc Engineering Management - future Engineering Managers were „playing“

Prof. Matyas instructing Doxa (Greece), Mauricio (Brazil) and Mohsen (Iran/Japan)

One of the Highlights in Logistics, given by Prof. Dr. Kurt Matyas, Vice Rector of TU Wien, was the game “PROST”. “PROST” is a very intensive, one day computer game with a strong industrial background which covers the topics production planning, production control, scheduling, material management and cost calculation.

The participants were arranged in three groups and each group had a company with the same start capital and other resources. In 35 periods, 15 minutes each, their task is to get orders for products that are not homogenous, in competition with the other companies. They have to determine the amount of materials and components needed and schedule orders to fill these needs. Capacities that will be required to produce one of the products must be determined in order to find out whether the schedule is feasible or adjustments should be made by buying or selling capacity units.

The participants had the opportunity to transfer their theoretical knowledge into a "real world" firm, represented by the program. In this “real world” also machine accidents, breakdowns and maintenance needs were coming up. This business simulation enables participants to experience long-term processes in a few days only. They can apply new business tactics in safe, creative learning environment. Also as in the “real world” environment, the participants had to face their competition and ensure differentiation in the production and delivery of the products which motivated each of the groups to do their best.

At the end a very detailed evaluation was given according to criterions like capacity utilization, delivery reliability, turnovers, payments and cash account developments.
“It was very exciting and we learned a lot” was the unanimous meaning of the EM participants.


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