March 28, 2017

Next Energy Talks: „The tenant electricity model as spearhead of the democratic revolution in the energy system?“

The next Energy Talks will take place on April 11, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Festival Hall of the Technical Museum Vienna.

The integration of photovoltaics into the energy system has been a major topic in the energy industry for years now. If photovoltaic plants are not a problem on the roofs of single-family buildings purely technically and legally, then it would be more complicated for multi-family residential buildings if one would like to use the generated electricity directly on the spot.
During the next Energy Talks, it will now be possible to clarify the changes that have been made in the ElWOG and how far these changes are to be implemented.

With contributions from: Fleischhacker (EEG TU Wien), Michael Hübner (BMVIT), Cornelia Daniel (Dachgold), Harald Will (Urbane Energie GmbH)
Moderation & Einleitung: Reinhard Haas (EEG TU Wien)

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The “Energy Talks” are series of lectures organized by the Energy Economics Group (TU Vienna). Head of EEG is Reinhard Haas, who is also Academic Director of the MSc program “Renewable Energy Systems”.

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Next program start: November 02, 2017
Application deadline: June 30, 2017


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