April 18, 2017

MSc Engineering Management - On the trail of agile management

MSc Engineering Management Participants (Class 2016-2018) and Prof. Kopacek (Academic Program Director)

What is actually meant by the term "agile management"? The participants of the Engineering Management Class 2016-2018 tried to find out more and took the opportunity to visit the company QiTASC. The students were welcomed by Mr. Michael, company’s CEO who explained the services provided by the company, especially in relation to agile companies.

The company QiTASC is an agile company that provide products for test automation (INTACT®); consulting for test automation and support for deployment of a “Testing Centre of Excellence“; Automation Training and Managed Testing / Managed Services.

The Agile business model is not yet so established that there would be a lot of literature about the topic. However, there is a comprehensive definition about an agile company: Fast moving, flexible and robust firm capable of rapid response to unexpected challenges, events and opportunities. Built on policies and processes that facilitate speed and change, it aims to achieve continuous competitive advantage in serving its customers. Agile enterprises use diffused authority and flat organizational structure to speed up information flows among different departments and develop close, trust-based relationships with their customers and suppliers.

Innovation is what agile is all about. Although the method is less useful in routine operations and processes, these days most companies operate in highly dynamic environments. They need not just new products and services but also innovation in functional processes, particularly given the rapid spread of new software tools. Companies that create an environment in which agile flourishes find that teams can churn out innovations faster in both those categories.


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