June 08, 2017

Photovoltaic on top of organic tomatoes: a pioneer for renewable energy at Energiepark

What do pioneers of renewable energy talk about when they meet? When Karl Totter visited Energiepark Bruck/Leitha, they discussed the green energy amendment and recent development in politics. Karl Totter is the founder and senior manager of Murecker Bioenergiebetriebe and one of the early pioneers of renewably energy in Austria. His commitment to the energy transition to renewables already started in the early 1980s. Since then, he has been implementing ideas and projects in and around the city of Mureck with a focus on the best possible use of the given local and regional resources. Already in 1989 he derived biodiesel from used cooking oil – ground breaking at that time! Also on his agenda: local heating and biogas green electricity plants and climate protection green houses. These greenhouses display the determination and innovative spirit of Karl Totter. What is so special about them? They produce organic food and green electricity at the same time. While you can grow organic tomatoes inside, the semi-transparent photovoltaic modules on the roof produce electricity for 800 households or 1,300  e-vehicles – simply smart. His commitment and innovative approaches were honoured with multiple prices – ranging from “most innovative municipality” to the first place of the “World Energy Globe” for the Murecker Energy Cycle.

Karin Mottl (Verein Energiepark) and Bernadette Mauthner (Biogas Bruck/Leitha) took the opportunity to discuss and foster new ideas on the importance and advantages of renewable energies in the regional development. The possibility to learn and gain insights from the expert’s point of view is one of the most important features of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems. Only with experienced and international experts in our faculty can we build knowledge and skills and promote the importance of renewable energy on the international level.

Detailed information on the MSc program Renewable Energy Systems: http://newenergy.tuwien.ac.at/

Next program start: November 02, 2017


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