June 14, 2017

Exkursion MSc Engineering Management - High tech research made in Austria

On May 23, 2017, the Engineering Management Class 2016-2018 visited the Austrian Institute of Technology ( AIT ) in Vienna. The students were welcomed on behalf of AIT by Mr. Antony Zegers who introduced the Center for Energy as a part of the business unit Electric Energy Systems.  He guided us through the SmartEST Lab.

AIT aims to tackle the increasing complexity of the future energy system. The SmartEST laboratory provides a unique research and simulation infrastructure to analyze the interactions between components and the grid under realistic conditions. Potential devices under test range from inverters, storage units, grid controllers and CHP.

The next unit was the PV Lab (Photovoltaics Lab), which was presented by Mr. Thomas Krametz. We had the opportunity to regard an approval procedure. Besides PV- modules from different decades, the students could see a “flasher” which takes power-voltage curves of PV- modules.
The AIT environmental testing facilities allow various mechanical and climatic environmental conditions (such as climates, pressures, vibrations, shocks etc.) to test components. The service portfolio includes the creation of test plans, the execution of function tests during operation and the issuing of reports and certificates.

The ENERGYbase presented by Mr. Gerhard Zucker (business unit: Thermal Energy Systems) was our last stop. The ENERGYbase was developed as a model project in the field of sustainable construction and energy efficiency in 2008. The ENERGYbase was the first business property built to the passive house standards and certified as “green building”. The building saves around 80 percent of operating costs. Energy is covered from renewable and environmentally sustainable energy sources.

This building can be seen as an important reference project for reconciling ecology and economy in the construction of modern office buildings. The energy for heating and cooling is produced from geothermal energy. Furthermore the current energy needs are also covered by photovoltaic on the south facade and the passive use of solar energy. An innovative ventilation concept enables the use of solar energy and natural air as an alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. This results in optimal working conditions for employees.

Thanks we got some impressive spotlights on “High Tech” research in Austria.

Next Program start of the MSc Engineering Management Program, November 17, 2017



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