July 07, 2017

24th Annual Conference of ERES in Delft

From June 28 to July 2 2017 the Annual Conference of the European Real Estate Society was held for the 24th time. After notorious cities like Regensburg, Istanbul or Vienna, academic researchers and practitioners gathered in the historic Dutch city Delft.

In addition to subjects like financing or valuation of properties, workplace research was a central theme throughout this year’s conference. In the course of over 300 contributions in the form of keynotes, presentations and panel discussions, the advantages and disadvantages of new trends in the workplace, such as shared desks or teleworking, were discussed and their implications on the real estate industry identified. However, other topics attracted interest as well: Wolfgang Feilmayr, for example, lecturer of the program “Real Estate Investment and Valuation” gave a talk on hedonic valuation methods. Meanwhile, Gunther Maier of the Vienna University of Economics and Business presented, together with Bob Martens, an investigation of the topic development of ERES conferences using data mining.

ao.Univ.Prof.Dr. Bob Martens, FRICS is not only Dean for continuous education, but also Academic Director of the certified program "Real Estate Management“. The next program starts on 10 November 2017, applications are open until 22 September 2017. For more information please refer to our website: http://immo.tuwien.ac.at/


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