July 13, 2017

KURIER Scholarship 2017 for the Certified Program „Real Estate Manegement“

f.l.t.r.: Bob Martens, Danijela Kaurin, Magdalena Wailzer, Andrea Würz

Since 2008 the daily newspaper KURIER awards an annual scholarship to the certified program „Real Estate Management“.

This year the tenth scholarship was awarded to Danijela Kaurin, BA (aged 31). She persuaded the expert panel consisting of Bob Martens (Academic Director), Andrea Würz (Research Centre Energy and Environment) and Magdalena Wailzer (Program Manager).

Danijela Kaurin has a background in human resource management, but her interest in real estate led her to administrating community housing. The young mother stills her thirst for knowledge by regularly reading the IMMO KURIER and looks forward to new challenges. By participating in the program, she aims to expand her knowledge, on the one hand by getting to know the technical, economical and legal foundations of real estate management, and on the other hand by gaining deeper insights into the diversity of properties. The scholarship holder particularly emphasizes the importance of the housing market and says: “There is an imbalance between demand and supply on the housing market. During the program I would like to learn which instruments and marketing strategies I can use to successfully rent out or sell empty living units.”

With the KURIER scholarship she is one step closer to this goal. We wish Danijela Kaurin all the best for the upcoming four semesters!

The next program starts on 10 November 2017; applications are open until 22 September 2017. For more information please refer to our website: http://immo.tuwien.ac.at/ (available in German only)


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