25. July 2017

Student Voice: Elizabeth Rodriguez Bringas

Elizabeth Rodriguez Bringas, student of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems Class 2016-2018, tells us about her reasons to study this program, her experiences and benefits until now and why she would recommend the master's program to everyone interessted in the field of renewable energy.

"I decided to do a Master in renewable energy, because it is the key to solve many of the current social problems worldwide. For this reason I enrolled to The MSc “Renewable Energy Systems” at TU Wien, and after almost a year here, I can say it is an excellent program that focuses in 3 very important areas: the technical aspect, the policies and social impacts and the economical aspect of renewable energies. This makes it a very complete program with professors that are already experts in these technologies and have years of experience working directly with them, giving an opportunity for networking and mentoring but also learning about the real challenges and difficulties that you will face in the path towards decarbonization in the energy sector. Since this program is international it also allows you to meet people from all places of the world that are united by the same passion and interest to make a change in the way energy is produced, delivered but also in the way it is used. It is a great opportunity to meet people who are already working and share experience and ideas. I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in starting a career in renewable energy."

Next program start: 02 November 2017. We still accept applications.

For detailed information please visit our website newenergy.tuwien.ac.at




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