August 10, 2017

Future Energy Forum - Astana EXPO 2017

The Future Energy Forum (June 29 to September 5, 2017) of the EXPO-2017 in Astana marks a new and pioneering chapter in the story of global discussions on dealing with climate change and new energies.

The Future Energy Forum is designed to inform, inspire and innovate, to foster participation and exchange, and to actively create an international platform for a global future of renewable energy.
Attendees include high-level government representatives, international agencies, leading scientists and academics, NGOs, visionaries and leaders, innovators in industry and engineering, and other key players and stakeholders in the energy sector.

Sustainable, integrated solutions ranging from sustainable architecture and urban planning, waste management and resource efficiency, to intelligent transport systems and infrastructure are crucial to the evolution of urban life. Focusing on key areas in sustainable urban planning and innovative solutions in future mobility, the sixth conference at the Astana EXPO-2017 Future Energy Forum is about developing innovative strategies for the urban future.

The academic director of the course “Renewable Energy systems” also participated in the Future Energy Forum and held a presentation on “Future Energy in Cities” and the core role renewable energy technologies – especially Photovoltaics play in this context. He pointed out that only a broad portfolio of renewable energy technologies, storage and demand-side flexibility options can bring about sustainable urban energy systems."

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