August 24, 2017

Career Spotlights: Dipl.- Ing. (FH) Thomas Greiner, MSc MBA

Today in conversation with Dipl.- Ing. (FH) Thomas Greiner, MSc MBA, an alumnus of the Professional MBA Facility Management. He participated in the class 2015-2017.

Why did you decide to participate in this program?

I decided to apply for this program to raise my management skills to an academic level and to study the important and future-oriented area of FM.

On what topics did the Master program put the focus on?

Roughly summarized, in my opinion this can be characterized in the following 3 areas:

  1. Technical Inputs from important areas of Facility Management, partly also from foreign experts.
  2. Applied skills in management. My favorite lectures were those, in which I had the opportunity to learn directly from leaders in top-positions.
  3. Individual work as well as group work with issues in the area of FM, in order to be able to solve tasks related to properties.

What did you expect from the program? Have your expectations been met?

When you start a vocational MBA at the TU Vienna, you start with many expectations. My main expectations were certainly (beside professional inputs of the teaching) to become more sensitive to the subject of FM and to be able to think out of the box. I also wanted to gain expertise in understanding the network and to get to know important institutions as well as decision-makers.

How did the master program influence your professional life?

Well, during the MBA studies I was already thinking about spending a year abroad. After my successful completion of the MBA, I have dared to take this step with the support from my employer and currently I am studying in Asia. Furthermore I am carrying out an international exchange of experience in the field of infrastructure management.

How did you benefit from the program personally? (Networking, management of relationships)

This question is difficult to answer, because personal benefits are hard to measure, especially in a short term period. I was elected to the management board of ImmoABS (an alumni association of the University of Technology Vienna). During my MBA FM studies, I met interesting people through my colleagues and I learned to consider tasks in other ways.

Do you have any advice for our future students?

The completion of a master's program by writing the master theses should not be seen as   the last hurdle, it should be seen as an opportunity. The opportunity with this scientific work, in addition to the completion of the actual study, to establish oneself in the „working world“. To show that you have found an interesting topic and brought it to a good conclusion. Positioning the topic and promoting it increases your own carrer prospects in the industry and helps you to stand out from competitors.

What comes to your mind when you think about the program? What were the highlights?

The combination of work and study is very demanding and requires a good time management. On the other hand, you can generate a much higher added value by combining theory and practice. One of the highlights has been the practical relevance, as well as learning from the (partly the same) challenges of my colleagues in their work environment.

Can you apply your knowledge on an international level?

Yes. In addition to the professional knowledge, the ability to converse with different communication partners is very beneficial.

Did the program enhance your international career or did it open the door to an international career?

The TU Wien has a good reputation, which extends to abroad. As already mentioned I am currently abroad, but to what extent an international carrer in the medium and long term will open up for me, I cannot say at the moment. Only that much: I feel well prepared and motivated.The TU Wien  offers a good foundation.

The result of it lies in the responsibility of one itself.

(Interview dtd: August 24, 2017)

The Professional MBA Facility Management starts on March 22, for seventh time. For more Information visit the Webpage: or contact the  Program Team fm(at)




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