August 31, 2017

Electricity - the future energy system?

Join the Energy Talks and discuss with experts! (The Event is in German only) September 12, 6.30 p.m. Technisches Museum - Festsaal (Mariahilferstraße 212, 1140 Wien)

Can Austria give up on coal, natural gas and oil? A recent study of Stanford University states that it is possible. Until the year 2050, Austria could cover its energy demands solely with renewable energies like hydro, wind and solar power.

The share of renewable energy in the production of electricity is already high today and the abandoning of fossil energy is a realistic plan. However, the development in the transport and trafic sector as well as in the production of heat is less promising. The share of renewable energy in these areas is very low and innovations are slowly advancing.

Can it, thus, be effective to carry on electrifying the energy system? Or will it happen by itself? Discussions are necessary - join the Energy Talks and discuss with experts in the field.
Please register here until Sept 08 – free admission

The Energy Talks are a series of lectures organized by the Energy Economics Group (TU Wien). Head of EEG is Reinhard Haas, who is also the Academic Director of the MSc Program Renewable Energy Systems.

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