September 12, 2017

Today in conversation with: Mag. Clemens Matzer MSc, MSc ETIA Alumnus Class 2010-2012, Head of Cabinet of Hans Seitinger - Member of the Federal Government in Styria

Why did you choose the ETIA master course at the TU Wien?

The course provides you with new points of view. Whoever follows international relations will conclude that climate and environmental issues are ubiquitous - even if classical geopolitics remain sexier.

How was the ETIA master course crucial for your professional development?

In fact I don't know. The ETIA master course appears in one's CV as one important factor highlighting one's interest in environmental issues and international relations as well as that one is willing to go the extra mile.

What advice would you want to give to new prospective students for the ETIA master course - what should they know?

Whoever enrolls only because of "the network" will graduate without one. It is much more than networking, it means finding friends.

What was your funniest experience/one highlight during your ETIA study time?
Disclosure only under the "Chatham House Rule".

In 10 years I will be….?
Still struggling with substituting my daily morning coffee by tea.


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