September 13, 2017

Behind the scenes: Facility Management at the Hospital of St. John of God in Vienna

In order to manage facilities it is important to understand how corporate strategies drive FM strategies. The participants should be able to develop FM-Strategies coherent with corporate strategies and implement those strategies. Not only in theory. Therefore the participants of the Professional MBA Facility Management learn to apply concept and techniques from previous lectures in a case study in the module "Business Policy & Strategy". Using the example of a hospital emergency department participants, the students had to perform a whole strategy-development-process.

In the beginning participants visited different engineering/facility management departments. With the onsite lecture, they are now able to create a FM-Roadmap for the emergency department and for future operations (incl. KPIs, a Risk-Matrix and a Governance Matrix).

The case study was carried out at the Hospital of St. John of God in Vienna which was founded in 1614. It is an unique hospital which has operated in the same place without any interruption for more than 400 years.

On March 22, 2018 the Professional MBA Facility Management Program starts for the 7th time. For further information, please visit our website

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