October 09, 2017

Last Call: Applications for „Real estate management“ are still accepted!

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In November, the certified program „Real estate management“ starts for the 20th time – apply for one of the last spots and pave the way for a successful career in real estate management!

Your first step towards a career in real estate management

Living is part of the basic needs of human beings. But home goes beyond being a safe spot from danger: it is a place of retreat, a private safe space for every individual. Real estate trustees consider this feeling their vocation. The university program „Real estate management“ of TU Wien paves the way for this business field.

Successful in real estate management?

For more than 28 years TU Wien has been offering compact, continuously updated education offers for real estate management. The university program “Real estate management” qualifies participants to solve all questions related to private and commercial real estate properties competently and independently. In only four semester students receive the full equipment to start their personal career in the real estate industry and can provide specialized knowledge and strong performance in the field.

Certificate of competence for all real estate trustee professions

Following the successful completion of the university program and with corresponding practical experience, all students can receive the business licence of estate agent, property manager and property developer according to the Austrian law.


  • Long tradition of real estate university education at TU Wien
  • Continuous adaptation of program content in line with real estate industry needs
  • Strategic networked thinking in the fields technology, law and business
  • Strong network of students, alumni and faculty thanks to own alumni association ImmoABS
  • After completion: certificate of competence (“Gewerberechtigung”) for all real estate trustee professions

Please note that the program is held in German!


Diploma: Certified Real estate consultant and manager with commercial certificate of competence
Language: German
Length: 4 semester, part-time
Lecture structure: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays afternoon
Course fee: EUR 14,900.-

Next program start: 10 November 2018
Applications are still accepted!

For more information please refer to our website or contact us via immo(at)tuwien.ac.at


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