October 30, 2017

MSc ETIA students visit wind park Bruck/Leitha and biogas plant

On October 24, 2017 the ETIA10 students visited the biogas plant and the wind park in Bruck/Leitha The biogas plant has three main functions; heat supply for domestic use, fuel supply as well as power, heat and refrigeration for industrial use. The ownership is spread between 12 farmer shareholders. Monitoring and quality control can be done from the comfort of mobile devices.

The plant began operation in 2004 with the production of green electricity connected to the supply of the public power grid. Among the recent developments is the production of biogas that can be upgraded to bio-methane, which is also supplied to the gas grid. We were well received by our guide and ETIA Faculty member Dr. Mario Ortner. A walk through the biogas plant does not fail to impress the observer with the careful planning, simple construction and clear sustainable processes that take place here.

Part two of the visit led us to the beautiful landscape between the Danube, Leitha and vineyards. A fitting spot for clean power generation, starting as early as 2000 serving as a template for regional, climate-friendly power generation. The students were surprised to find out that they would be ascending an internal spiral staircase with 279 steps reaching a height of 60 meters. After generating enough power in your legs to reach the viewing platform of the wind turbine, they had the opportunity to see wind energy being converted into motion and generating electricity. Since 2009, the windpark is owned and operated by VERBUND.


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