December 05, 2017

Business Plan Wrap Up was a major success!

On November 30 the program Entrepreneurship for Refugees was concluded with the business plan wrap up – a real highlight. At the start-up center of aws, the five participants Hala Khamam, Ziyada Shabaan, Mehdi Bizolm, Hosam Almoghraby and Ahmed Andoura presented their ideas and business plans. The ideas ranged from different types of restaurants over online services for travellers and tourists to a language and cultural center.

The presentations showed the participant’s visions and entrepreneurial spirit. Most of them were already successful entrepreneurs in their home countries. The CEC workshop helped them to take up where they left off back home and to apply their knowledge and experiences in Austria. The highlight was the restaurant presentation for all senses. Delicious tastes of hummus, Falafel and Fatteh excited the senses of taste and smell, as they were prepared “live” for the presentation. These tastes merged the traditional oriental kitchen with a modern and authentic style.

A great thank you goes to the members of our jury: Raphaela Toncic-Sorinj (Ashoka), Tülay Tuncel (Wirtschaftsagentur), Michael Hofegger (aws), Harald C. Klien (CD Invest Consult) and em.Prof. Adolf Stepan (TU Wien). With their critical questions and productive feedback they brought the future entrepreneurs a step further to realising the dream of an own company.

It was a pleasure to also welcome a participant of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation to this event. He shared helpful insights based on his own experiences and it helped to build a network between these programs. The networking and exchange of ideas was an important part in the breaks and the informal conclusion of the event.

The jury selected the best and most promising business plans and the future entrepreneurs were presented with consultation checks from aws. Because of the new network,  contacts and constructive feedback of the jury and the audience, the business plan wrap up was a great success for all!


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