December 05, 2017

Excursion of the MSc ETIA students to the Waste Incineration Plant Pfaffenau and Waste Water Treatment Plant EBS Vienna

The second excursion of the MSc ETIA (Environmental Technology and International Affairs) led the students on the 28.11.2017 to Simmering, where the globally most modern waste incineration plant as well as the currently  being renovated waste water treatment plant are situated. Those two plants are a major part of why Vienna is the most livable city.

The high-tech waste incineration plant was built in 2008 based on environmental protection and architectural criteria to follow the principles of Prevention, Separation and Utilization of waste materials. The plant processes 250.000 t of waste per year and provides 25.000 Viennese households with energy and 50.000 Viennese households with heat.

The scrap is fed back into the materials cycle in the steel industry. The slag released from metals and the ash are processed to concrete at the city's own waste treatment plant in District 48 and deposited at the landfill in Rautenweg. This modern, automated process enables the plant to have CO2 emissions 90% under EU regulations.

The visit to the waste water treatment plant Simmering was accompanied by Professor Kroiss, who explained the chemical and biological processes in detail. The main WWTP cleans the entire communal waste water of Vienna, often more than 500.000 m3 per day, in about 20 hours through a mechanical and two biological cleaning steps, before the treated water flows into the Danube.

The mechanical cleaning is made up out of the gravel-trap, six screw pumps, the screening chamber, the sand trap, the primary clarifiers or sedimentation tanks which eliminate up to 30% of the pollutant load.The MSc ETIA students thank Professor Kroiss for the excellent guidance and for answering all the many questions!

Julia Kraft (ETIA10)





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