January 19, 2018

Why lecturers love to come to the MSc ETIA program…

MSc ETIA Faculty Member Bernice Maxton-Lee, MSc reports

As an ETIA alumnus, I already have a soft spot for students of the Environmental Technology and International Affairs programme in Vienna.
Far beyond any pre-disposition, however, ETIAns ensure that this annual three-part seminar is always richly rewarding for me as a lecturer, so that I look forward every time to the next one. This year's ETIA group was no exception. The 2017/18 ETIA students were interested, spirited, highly motivated and intellectually engaged and probing in their questions and discussions. They brought a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and ideas which enhanced the context of debate and knowledge transfer. Spending these three days with them was, as always, a pleasure and an inspiration.




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