January 22, 2018

MSc Engineering Management - Excursion Taurob "Small is beautiful"

The participants with Dr. Silberbauer at Taurob

During our Engineering Management MSc program we were invited to visit Taurob Gmbh.  Taurob is a small manufacturer and developer of specialized robots in Austria. Taurob’s first robot, based on the PhD work of one of the founders Lukas Silberbauer, was designed for fire brigades. It was the first Atex certified robot of its kind. Because of it`s open interface design supporting many different measuring instruments, capable of changing robotic arms according to specific requirements. It appealed to many different markets like, Universities, and police forces.

In 2015 Taurob in collaboration with TU Wien, and TU Darmstadt joined forces to form team (AGRONAUTS) to compete in TOTAL’s ARGOS challenge. The ARGOS was a challenge where robots were required to autonomously enter oil and gas rigs for carrying out inspection tasks (measuring instruments), detect anomalies and intervene in the event of an emergency.

ARGOS competition had a complex set of rules. Some of which include; Detecting obstacles, autonomous guidance, detection of ultrasonic noise for gas leaks, and autonomously climb wet metal stairs at a 45 degree angle. After two years and 2 prototypes, in March 2017 team AGRONAUTS released their 3rd version - the only robot able to fulfill all tasks of the ARGOS challenge. In May 2017 AGRONAUTS were officially announced as the winners of the ARGOS competition and have now a research contract.


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